Men in Sheds arrives in The Heatons!

What is Men in Sheds? ‘Men in Sheds’ was a concept which originated in Australia back in the late 1990’s to tackle social isolation and improve health and well-being in older men.

Although in it’s infancy in the UK, there are already 400 groups. They are community spaces to pursue practical interests, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. Garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature while Men’s Sheds are the opposite. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge. As the Sheds are co-operatives, activities in Sheds are set by who joins, so vary greatly, but you can usually find woodworking, metalworking, repairing and restoring, electronics, model buildings or even car restoration.

Initially The Heatons ‘Men in Sheds’ will be meeting on Mondays 1-3pm in St Pauls Church Hall, but they hope to extend this to also meet in an evening or weekend.

Come along share your skills, learn new ones, have a brew, and meet new people. Everyone Welcome.

Anthony Williams the founder of The Heatons group added, “There are no restrictions on who can join, location or gender. Everyone is welcome”

There is more information on the Facebook page: