If you are a property investor looking for your next property then look no further. I have found a house that would be a great investment for both first time Landlords and those with larger portfolios! Watch my video below to find out more...

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Rental Deposit costs outpaced MASSIVELY by rise in cost of Big Macs!

For those unable or simply not interested in owning their own home, the single biggest hurdle in securing their ideal rental property can be the upfront cost. Newly released research has revealed how much we are paying to secure a rental property and how this has changed in the last [...]

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Furnished or Unfurnished?

Furnished properties can vary in the level of furniture and furnishings offered, making it extremely important that prospective tenants find out exactly what is being included in furnished properties before signing any contracts. When viewing rental properties on the market, remember that the furniture and decor may all belong to [...]

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