Hollywood Comes to Heaton Moor…

Photo 30 01 2020 15 07 11 - Hollywood Comes to Heaton Moor...

Currently filming in the heart of Heaton Moor for a brand new Channel 4 show starring Keeley Hawes, Neil Patrick Harris, Olly Alexander, Stephen Fry and more!

The streets are lined with cars of the era that the show is based in (1980’s) with actors coming and going throughout the two day shoot. This isn’t the first time Heaton Moor has seen the starts, with 2019’s hit six-parter Years & Years filmed here just last year.

The new show, named Boys, is due to be released in 2020 and is written by the same award winning writer of Years & Years and Doctor Who, Russell T. Davies.

Daniel Biddle

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