didsbury road, with a great potential for buy to let…

Didsbury Road1 - didsbury road, with a great potential for buy to let…

I thought this property I spotted on one of the property portals is worth a mention. It terms of its conditions it looks immaculate and is a really good example of a property well-presented achieving a good price for both sales and letting.

This type of property which is located on Didsbury Road, a stones throw from the new metro link station would appeal to a wide range of tenants, from families to sharers and young professionals. Families tend to let for longer periods of time whilst sharers may pay a higher rent as the cost is shared. In terms of rent, you could expect to achieve around £1150pcm which is a yield of 5.5% which considering the purchase price is a good return.


If you are interested in buying a property for buy to let, but aren’t too sure where to start I would be happy to give you some pointers. My office is at 14 Moorside Road and you can get me on 0161 442 1118.


Julian Bethell

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