Month: April 2017

how many second home owners are there in sk4?

The number of second homes registered in a local area can really give you a feel of if the area is right for you. In SK4, the mix is as follows:
No 2nd address 96.4%
2nd address within the UK 2.6%
2nd address outside the UK 1.1%
(Dated May 2017)

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why do i need an inventory? it’s just walls and carpets, there is no furniture in the property.

An inventory is a list of all items in the property, the walls, flooring, fixtures & fittings are just as important as any furniture as these can still be damaged by the tenant. Once a tenancy has come to an end we conduct an inspection based on the original inventory to establish whether the tenant has caused any damage above fair wear and tear in order to recover any costs to rectify the issues from their deposit.

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heaton moor producers market

Bringing local, independent producers’ and artists to The Heatons.

This brilliant monthly producers market is held on the 1st Sunday of the month on Shaw Road.

With stalls offering a variety of items, from fresh produce to crafts & gifts, the market is ideal if you would like to help support Local Independent Traders.

For more details see here

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the heatons comedy evening

The Heatons Comedy Evening at the Heatons Sports club is back on Sunday 7th May. Justin Moorhouse will be kicking off proceedings with a show featuring the very best circuit comedians. Admission is £7.50 which can be paid on the door, but buying advance tickets from the venue or online is recommended. The venue is fully licensed and sells a wide range of beers and spirits including cask ales.
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Roost is the new rotisserie chicken restaurant , pizzeria and craft beer bar, to grace the Heatons high street. They will also be doing all day breakfasts, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. With high standards, this beautiful looking eatery is already achieving five star reviews.

Website for Roost.

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occupancy levels in SK4

Want to know how in demand properties in a given area are? Occupancy is a useful indicator for demand, as well as illustrating how spacious or cosy properties are in the local area. In SK4, 54.1 per cent of properties have two or more extra rooms and 22.1 per cent have one extra room.

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Promising sales levels in SK4

The weather may still be warming up outside, but it’s already a hot time of year for the property market. The expected uptick in sales has materialised as you can see from the chart. Particularly notable are sales levels of detached properties, which have increased 68.2 per cent since the last quarter of 2015.

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Flat and house prices in SK4

With increasing clarity from the government, the housing market is returning to it’s usual stride. Looking at quarter-on-quarter price data in SK4, we can see that the average sold prices of flats is up 17.4 per cent since the last quarter of 2015.

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how many new homes have been built in the local area?

new homes

New housing is a hotly debated subject in the UK. Despite the recent uptick in building rates, demand continues to outstrip supply and more affordable homes need to be built. The situation has improved over the last few years; the number of new homes started and finished in the UK is at a nine-year high. However, forecasts show that England alone needs to build 50 per cent more homes to keep up with demand, so the issue is far from resolved. The pressure is mounting on the government to find a solution.

156,140 new homes were registered for construction in 2015, the highest it has been in eight years. This was half a per cent higher than the previous year and 45 per cent higher than 2009.

From 2014 to 2015, private sector starts increased by seven per cent, while Housing Association starts rose by five per cent. That means that since the credit crunch in 2008, the UK housing stock has grown by around five percent, which is no small feat.

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