With average rents rising across the United Kingdom, and rife competition in the mortgage sector creating attractive buy-to-let rates, it is evident that the public rental sector still has plenty of life left in it for both would-be and portfolio landlords.

Recent analysis from HomeLet has shown that average rents across the UK have increased by 3.2% – outstripping the increases in house prices throughout 2019 and showing that there are still strong returns available for savvy landlords. Excluding London, the average rent stands at £784 pcm – with the average rent in the capital city double that at £1,665pcm.

David Alexander, joint managing director of apropos, said: “There is still money to be made in the private rented sector and being a landlord can provide a reasonable income and a healthy pension. But landlords need to be more savvy to make it work and much more pro-active than in the past.”

“You must ensure your finances are arranged as efficiently as possible, that your costs are reduced to the minimum, and that your margins are as good as they can be.”

HomeLet data has shown rents increases across the whole of the United Kingdom;

Region Nov-19 Nov-18 Annual Variation
Wales £630 £599 5.2%
Yorkshire & Humberside £652 £623 4.7%
Northern Ireland £667 £639 4.4%
Scotland £664 £635 4.6%
North East £540 £517 4.4%
North West £721 £694 3.9%
Greater London £1,648 £1,597 3.2%
East Midlands £642 £625 2.7%
South East £1,013 £989 2.4%
South West £838 £819 2.3%
East of England £917 £898 2.1%
West Midlands £701 £688 1.9%
UK £947 £918 3.2%

Very interesting figures, with the Heatons being part of the top 6 areas, 0.7% higher than the UK average rent increase.

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