Flick through the pages of any magazine these days or scroll through the popular Pinterest app and you’re likely to see endless images of chic properties with timeless décor. For those of us that are blessed to be able to colour-match and accessorise effortlessly, this is an entirely attainable vision; however, for the rest of us who are a little more challenged in the decorating department, it can be tough to know where to start. Read through our basic guide to decorating and we will provide you with some guidelines which are sure to help you turn your home in to a real page-turner.

Start scheming

So, you have decided to revamp a room, you’re excited and you just want to get the paint brushes out but hold on…you need to take a moment and think about what you really want! Taking a moment or two to plan will help to ensure that the effort you’re going to is really worth it, and having an overall concept will hold all of the interior elements together. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about the room currently and how you want the room to feel – cool and trendy or warm and welcoming? These simple questions will help you to focus in on how you’d like the end result to be and using apps such as Pinterest or Instagram will help you to decide on overall concepts. Creating a mood board for the room will help to streamline your ideas and will serve as a reference throughout the entire decorating process.

Stay in neutral

It may seem like a safe or unimaginative option, but neutrals are timeless when it comes to decorating. When you have a neutral palette to work with, you can layer colours and textures on top of the basic colour scheme in order to achieve your desired look. With new trends popping up seemingly every other day, having a neutral colour scheme allows you to easily change the feel of your room simply by updating the accessories and soft furnishings. You can also add in vibrant pops of colour to lift your room when using a more neutral scheme, with accent pieces such as side tables and upholstery offering some interest in to your colour palette.

Softly, softly

Soft furnishings can put the va va voom in to your room! Having strong accent pieces, as well as coordinated soft furnishings such as curtains, throws, pillows and rugs create a more coherent and cohesive atmosphere in a room. Rotating which soft furnishings you have in your room seasonally works really well to make your room feel up-to-date and contemporary; for example, using a blue rug and pops of yellow during the longer winter months, or some glittery cushions for the festive period. These pops of colour and print will have the desired outcome of a tasteful and chic room.


Don’t be scared to leave spaces empty in your room. Horror vacui, a fear of empty spaces, is evident in so much of today’s culture with a tendency to want to display all of our knick-knacks throughout our homes. When you have gone to the effort to stylishly decorate your room, don’t ruin the hard work by then adding in too many objects; instead, let your decorating do the talking for you. If you want to display some of your own items, then ensure to group them and use the rule of thirds; group three objects together in a display rather than two. Groupings of objects which vary in heights, shapes and textures but are related to one another are the most effective for displays; for example, grouping three candles which are different heights but are the same colour.

When renovating a room, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, which is frequently why we shy away from decorating. However, we would recommend taking your time, planning your renovations carefully with a budget and enjoying the process – updating your home will add value to your property, after all, as well as giving you a beautiful home to relax in after a tough day at work.